A Bout us

    Iran Fava Gostaresh with the shares of Iran Khodro, Tom Iran Khodro and Magfa comanies of has been established in 2005.
    The aim is providing specialized services and solutions in the field of information technology.

    Due to the wide range of information technology services in today’s world and the growing business with IT technology, Iran Fava keeps up to date the level of knowledge and experience of their technical team to cover the new requirements. For this propose Iranfava is able to provide services
    and IT solutions at a highly professional level for different kind of IT sectors.
    Due to fast growing market Iran Fava Co has a separate specialized training center to support the customer requirements as best as possible. This helps to support with a professional knowledge transfer which enhance the students on an academic level.
    In general Iran Fava has been divided in 4 different technical units as below:

    Communication and Infrastructure Unit:
    Providing services in the design and implementation of data
    (Including server support and storage,
    Design and implementation of all types of networks,

    Virtualization solutions

    Implementation of Infrastructure Services,
    Implement Enterprise Professional Services,
    Propose security solutions,



    Implementation of Information Technology Management and Monitoring System …),
    Supply and sale of hardware and software services and …


      Information Systems:
    Providing services in the field of analysis,
    Development and maintenance of information systems

    Provide specialized personnel in the field of software development


        Enterprise Resource Planning:
    Implementation services
    And SAP / ERP support


    Iran Fava Training department:
    professional courses related to the different industries in IT field.

    Design, performing training seminars & workshops in management   field


    Iran Fava Co. as a knowledge and IT based company according to its goals is using experienced internal and foreign consultants. Based on the strong references in well-known organizations like Irankhodro industrial group, Iranfava achieved high experience in diverse mentioned sectors.