About us

“Iran Fava Gostaresh Co.” was founded in 2005 with the goal of providing professional IT services and solutions, with the shares of Iran Khodro, TAM Iran Khodro and MAGFA companies. Iran Fava Gostaresh – as a knowledge-based enterprise – has always benefited from both domestic and foreign experienced consultants and experts. Thanks to major projects in reputable organizations such as Iran Khodro Industrial Group, it has gained most unique and beneficial experience and knowledge in it’s years of activity. Today, Iran Fava Gostaresh is able to assist other companies and organizations in the relevant fields of expertise.

Our Vision

One of the main and important aspects of Iran Fava Gostaresh’s structure is the planning for future and definition of short-term and long-term goals.

These goals are defined in three main area’s of Information Technology (IT), Information Systems (IS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as an important principle and a road-map is defined to achieve goals.

The goals and perspectives of Iran Fava Gostaresh are a guarantee of progress and in our specialized fields. Our ten-year perspective is to achieve the following honors:

  • Becoming the largest IT service provider in the country and the region.
  • Becoming a unique company for exporting engineering and technical services, by 50% of the production.
  • Becoming a knowledge-based company in the field of Information Technology to enhance the knowledge of the customers.

Our Honors

Since its founding, Iran Fava Gostaresh has been grown due to the principled and scientific management as well as the use of professional and experienced experts, and has made significant success in its resume, the most important of which are the following :

  • Handling the largest centralized monitoring project in Iran and the region, including the installation of 1400 IP-based camera’s in Iran Khodro Company.
  • Implementing Cable Shooting as one of the first companies to use this technology for a large-scale fiber-optic cabling project in Iran Khodro.
  • Designing and Implementing a new Datacenter in Iran Khodro, using Rittal Company technology and solutions.
  • Handling the largest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in Iran and the region using SAP Company solutions in Iran Khodro.
  • Implementing an Electronic sale portal, as the main financial entrance gate in Iran Khodro Company.


Iran Fava Gostaresh has always sought to hire specialized and active personnel in order to utilize the talent of motivated individuals and breeding their creativity in order to upgrade the scientific and technical level of it’s staff. Thereby, those interested in cooperating with Iran Fava Gostaresh, can send us their resume. Specialists will also be interviewed if their resume is approved by our technical team and the cooperation will be formally starts after being approved in the interview.

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