Products at a glance

Online Sale of IKCO products

For car delivery to customers and agents of IKCO, which is the main importer of IKCO sales

Performance evaluation system for IKCO managers

To assess the performance of managers, appointment and granting of facilities to managers and calculate the salaries of managers

Ergonomic risk assessment system

IKCO Health System to review the health of employees

Office Automation Correspondence System

Office automation windows based system, with the ability to develop and personalize the client

Services related to the IS Department

Services on software security

Software development consultancy

Services Support and maintenance of systems

Proprietary software development

Analysis, requirement assessment and process solutions

Consultation and assessment of the level of maturity and preparation of the organization

Investing Creative Ideas

Attracting and welcoming new and innovative ideas

Contact Manager Is

Direct contact with IS department management

Records and Strengths

Putting the right record in place with related solutions

sending resume

Send us your resume to work with us