Contract management

Iran Fava Development Co., as a host of a large part of IT projects in Iran Khodro Industrial Group, faces a wide range of activities and it is necessary to delegate some of these services to contractors and have only a supervisory and managerial role. For this reason, the framework for this purpose has been developed by Iran Fava Company by defining and designing mechanisms and processes related to the management of contractors and with the help of appropriate tools and techniques.

Considering the numerous contracts that Iran Fava Development has concluded with its employers, and considering the increasing number of these contracts, processes have been developed to manage contracts at Iran Fava Company.

Project Management System

The Office Project Management Office is an institution that is used in project-based organizations, and it is responsible for the development and development of project management activities at the organization level. Depending on the size, structure, complexity and type of organization, there may be several projects at a time. The project management office ensures a systematic focus on project management in the organization, and controls the overall status of the projects and programs of the organization with a high degree of accuracy. The role of various project management offices is diverse, but the mission of all these offices is to create the necessary mechanism for the integrated management of projects and projects of organizations for delivery on time, in quality and within the framework of costs. Also, the Office of Project Management Services, such as resource management, training and counseling, will reduce the potential risk of project and project failures in the organization through the use of these services. Currently, project management has been launched professionally in accordance with the PMBOK standard and with the help of the MS-EPM tool at Iran Fava Company.

Support Center deployment

One of the concerns of customers is the quality of after-sales service and how it is supported by vendors after purchase. Iran Fava Extends its task to know that, as long as the customer needs services, he will continue to provide this service with the acceptable quota and remain with the customer. To this end, by setting up a customer support and customer support center with a variety of tools and mechanisms, we have been trying to provide a sense of confidence and encouragement to our customers. The on-demand support center is ready to respond to customer needs.