SAP Quality Management is a part of SAP system and is integrated with other SAP

modules like SAP Material Management (MM), Production Planning (PP), and Plant

Maintenance (PM). QM is an integral part of logistic management and it is used to perform

quality functions such as quality planning, quality assurance, and quality control, at various

stages such as incoming material stage, in-process manufacturing process stage, and after

production as well.

SAP QM Functions

These functions comprise to form Quality Management process. In SAP QM system, you

can perform the following functions-

 Quality Planning

 Quality Inspection

 Quality Control

 Quality Certificates

 Quality Notifications

 Test Equipment Management

SAP QM is integrated with other SAP modules to perform the quality planning, inspection

and control process. You can integrate this with the following modules-

 SAP Material Management

 SAP Production Planning

 SAP Sales and Distribution

SAP Controlling

Quality Planning

Quality planning includes data for quality planning and how the quality process has to be


You perform Quality inspection plan. It is used to define the way you can inspect an item

and the steps involved to perform an inspection. It also determines the characteristics of

an item to be inspected and what equipment are required to perform an inspection.

Inspection plan definition is an important part of the QM planning process. The inspection

plan contains the number of characteristics of the item to be inspected and the list of tests

to be performed for performing the inspection.

Inspection planning can be done for raw material, work in progress and finished products.

SAP QM – Inspection Plan

You need an inspection plan to capture the results of quality records

To define inspection methodology, you have to enter the following details-

 Materials to be inspected

 How the inspection of materials need to take place

 What characteristics to be inspected, work center and inspection specifications

In the inspection plan, you have to define the sequence of inspection steps to be performed

and the range of specifications as per the Master Inspection Characteristics, sampling

procedure to calculate the sample size for inspection, inspection method, etc

Master Inspection Characteristics (MIC)

You can define inspection specifications for the materials. For example, dimensions of

inspected material width, length and height of the material, etc

SAP QM – Notification

In SAP QM, you can capture different types of record, which are identified at the time of

inspection. SAP Quality notification can be used to analyze the defects identified and

perform root cause analysis

You can process defects related to-

 Complaints filed by customers − This includes the defects identified in goods

that are delivered to customers. You can take action against problem reported by


 Complaints identified in vendor delivered goods − This includes the defect

identified with quality of goods delivered from supplier/vendor and take action

for the incoming material

 Internal Defects − This includes recording internal problems which are identified

at the time of in process quality inspection

Integration with SAP MM

You can integrate the following tasks of SAP MM with QM-

 Manage the quality details for materials, vendors and suppliers

 Manage the releases for vendors and manufacturers and also monitor QM systems

for suppliers

 Manage the release status of delivery from vendor

Maintain quality agreements and RFP details when you request for a quotations and

purchase orders is raised for vendors

 Manage quality certificates for vendors

 Using SAP QM process, you can initiate a  n inspection at the supplier site before the

delivery due from the supplier

Trigger inspections for goods movements

 SAP QM can be used to make and stop the vendor payments until you clear the

inspection lot in the system

 Manage the inventory of goods during the inspection and accept the cleared goods

in the inventory system

 You can also use SAP QM in material management to determine the characteristic

values from quality inspections to define the batch number of produced material

 Using SAP QM, you can evaluate vendors as per the quality scores, material provided

and quality notification

Integration with Production Planning

You can integrate SAP QM with Production Planning-

 To perform the inspection planning and work scheduling in SAP system

 As part of SAP QM process, you can handle inspection characteristics and also define

characteristics for the operation

You can manage quality inspections for manufacturing orders

 Using SAP QM, you can set up the final inspection from the goods receipt after

production process is complete

 You can use QM process to manage partial lots of a material during production,

which are different in quality

 You can confirm the quality information as per manufacturing orders

Using SAP QM, you can monitor the production

In-process Inspection

You can run the quality process for intermediate or finished product during the production

process in SAP system, for example, Inspection in each shift, etc

The in-process inspection has a reference to a production order in SAP system. You

generate an Inspection lot at the time of production order release and inspection type for

in-process inspection is 03 in the system. When there is a production order release,

inspection lot will be automatically created in the system

To create and release Production order-

Final Inspection

You perform final inspection of goods after production goods receipt in SAP system

Inspection lot is created after goods receipt for a production order and inspection lot type

is 4 for final inspection. SAP system creates a unique inspection slot contains details of

production order, sampling, etc

The quality inspection is performed until you perform result recording and usage decision

is made for the lot

Final inspection process consists of the following steps

 Creation and Confirmation of Production order

 Listing Inspection lot

 Attaching and releasing inspection lot


 Result recording

 Usage decision

 Posting the stock

Integration with Sales and Distribution

You can integrate SAP QM with Sales and Distribution to perform the following activities-

 You can manage quality information related to customer for sales and distribution


 In SAP QM system, you can initiate an inspection when a delivery is created against

a purchase order

 You can manage quality in sales & distribution by performing quality notifications

and RCA’s and by processing customer complaints to improve customer satisfaction

To perform the quality process, you need to maintain data related to inspection planning

in SAP system. You need to maintain the data for quality planning to maintain standard

reports related to material master, supplier, and customer complaints

The following master records have to be created related to Quality planning-

SAP QM – Benefits

SAP Quality Management integration with other modules is one of the key aspect

of quality management. You can implement the quality process in Material

Management, Production Planning and other SAP modules

 You can access the data maintained in the system related to customer, vendor and

supplier master

Using SAP QM, a standardized process can be implemented

 SAP Quality Management process helps you to incorporate the improvement

process- by monitoring the processes, defect identification and quality notifications

 You can perform automation of information flow by which inspection lot is created

automatically when you release the production order or goods receipt

 Using SAP Quality Management process, you can perform the quality compliance

of raw materials when it is first delivered by vendors/suppliers and in process

manufacturing and also after the production process is completed

 SAP QM is also responsible to perform compliance with a customer’s quality

specifications; you ship the goods to customer as per the Purchase order

 In SAP MM process, SAP QM allows a company’s representative to visit the supplier

office to check the quality of the goods they produce. You call this process as source

inspection in Quality Management module

 The common type of quality inspection includes checking the goods for Purchase

Order upon delivery. When goods are delivered, an inspection lot is automatically

created. You perform the result recording and usage decision is made if the

delivered quantity is acceptable or not acceptable

 SAP QM is directed linked to controlling for costing and to decide how many goods

are accepted. You update the vendor quality record in the system and this helps to

find out if same vendor should continue to supply the material or there is a need

to find a new source