Sales and distribution

  In many of the current businesses number and variety of competitors, diversity of sales processes, geographical distribution of customers, high sales costs, marketing, logistics and distribution and role of sales employees in process bears complexities. As a result a system addressing organizational requirements with regard to sales domain in project oriented as well as retail organizations is desired.

 The system should support major sales and distribution processes, service delivery and invoicing addressing integration of sales organization and customer. This entails a uniform relationship between FI module, profitability analysis and logistical modules like production planning, inventory management, warehouse management and material management.

All processes and capabilities of system in sales module are

Master Data definition

Customer and business partners



Maintaining pricing

Agreements/ Contracts

Terms of Payment



Sales Support Processes

Sales Promotions

cross selling
Potential Analysis
Third party
Customer Hierarchy
Cross Company Sales
Scheduling Agreement Processing
Returns process
Backorder/forward Processing
Outbound Delivery
Pick and Pack



Post Goods Issue

Benefits of sales and distribution system implementation

Reduction of distribution costs

On time delivery and reduction of returns

Improved and more detailed good issue management  based on delivery schedule

Reporting to forecast and plan future orders

Diversity of sales prices and supporting complex pricing models

Integration of inventory and determining sales requirements based on available inventory during order registration

Integration with FI module to calculate sales profit

Integration with production planning to run MRP

Management of sales prepayments

Credit management

Creation of robust organizational structure

Customer account correction

Goods delivery to customer based on Incoterms

Account management and agility of customer debt follow ups

Enhancement of customer ordering and order tracking

Usage of multiple currencies

Legal compliance of organizational processes

Covering Insurance, taxes and performance guarantee

 Calculation of costs based on cost elements during order registration and policy implementation

 Business to business relation with customer systems

Practical sales reports to analyze sales and creating new reports based of customer needs

Extraction of output forms from system

Sale of alternatives and parallel goods

Definition and execution of workflows

Billing and invoicing

Credit management

Foreign trade/Customes