Supervision of ERP Projects and Providing Consulting

ERP implementing in any company will certainly have many challenges and risks. Therefore, it is important to carry out the necessary examinations before the implementation, as well as monitoring and control during the implementation. Consequently, experienced and proficient consultant will reduce considerably the risk of implementation. You can use our consulting services in the following areas

Consulting before implementation

Due to the risks involved in ERP implementation, the feasibility study is so important; in other words, the success of ERP implementation depends on the accurate and thorough feasibility study
Using our knowledge of the field as well as the experiences we have gained, we can clarify the vague aspects of the project implementation with the pre-project consultation.  So, you will be aware of and prepared for such a significant project. Some of the most important points that are identified during the feasibility study are as follows

Examining the benefits of ERP implementing in the organization from different aspects
Identify the scope of the project and accord organization’s processes with ERP processes
Choosing the right software according to the features of the company, as well as its goals and strategies
The amount of changes in processes and the degree to which organizations are prepared to accept these changes
Required knowledge infrastructure
Software and hardware required platform
Determine the extent of the project execution time
Estimate required budget
Identify project risks

Supervision during execution

Since the implementation of ERP projects has many challenges and costs, comprehensive monitoring at all stages has an essential role in its success

We will monitor the implementation of the project during the entire implementation time and we will provide advices at all stages, such as

Provide views on the scope of the project, the implementation and project management methodology

Control and monitor implementation based on agreement and schedule

Examining and verifying project outputs and testing their compliance with the requirements

Provide comments on the quality of the actions taken

Provide comments on some of the changes required during implementation

Checking the quality of provided trainings