SAP ERP Modules Training

Nowadays, the importance of implementing ERP is obvious, and it’s proved that all leading organizations take advantages of it. On the other hand, the credibility of SAP systems is so much that 91 percent of the best 2,000 companies in the world use this system. As a result, it is clear that education in this field has become one of the growing needs in all industries. Because of this, with the expertise of experienced consultants in all areas of SAP ERP, we are training applicants in the IranFava laboratory. One effective point of these training is that they are practical and taught in SAP environment.

These tutorials have been formed in the following modules

FI Module

CO Module

SD Module

WM Module

MM Module

PP Module

PM Module

QM Module

Implementation Method

SAP Overview

And are based on one of bellow way

In-person training at Iran-Fava laboratory

In-person training at Customer requested place

In-person private

Online in group

Online in private